HIP Webinars

Webinars explore implementation examples of High Impact Practices. Through an interactive dialogue, presenters and participants share experiences and examples of HIPs implementation. Each webinar brings together experiences from the field, including government perspectives. The webinars reflect the diverse experience in the field and are available in English, French and Spanish.

More information on Community Health Workers: High Impact Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities Webinar.

More information on Drug Shops and Pharmacies: Sources for family planning commodities and information Webinar.

More information on Family Planning and Immunization Integration: Reaching Postpartum Women with FP Services Webinar.

More information on Social Marketing: Leveraging the Private Sector to Improve Contraceptive Access, Choice, and Use Webinar.

More information on Vouchers: Addressing inequities in access to contraceptive services Webinar.                                                                                           

More information on Postabortion Family Planning: A glimpse of global Evidence and it’s Impact with Country Implementation Webinar.

More information on Mobile Outreach Services: Addressing inequities in access to family planning services and commodities Webinar.

More information on Standards for Identifying Evidence-based Practices in Reproductive Health Webinar.                                                                                                 

More information on Generar Compromiso para apoyar los programas de planificacion familiar seminario web.                                                                           

More information on Prácticas de Alto Impacto (PAI): Políticas: Construyendo la base para sistemas, servicios e insumos seminario web.

More information on Prácticas de Alto Impacto (PAI): Apoyando decisiones estratégicas en planificación familiar seminario web.

More information on Financiamiento de Suministros y Servicios seminario web.                                                          

More information on Engaging Men and Boys in Family Planning: A Strategic Planning Guide.

More information on Digital Health for Social and Behavior Change: New technologies, new ways to reach people Webinar.

More information on Social Franchising: Improving quality and expanding contraceptive choice in the private sector webinar.

More information on How Can Population, Health, and Environment Projects Learn from Family Planning High Impact Practices webinar.

More information on Introduction des pratiques à haut impact en planification familiale webinaire.

More information on Adolescents and Young People High Impact Practices: Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People webinar.

More information on Immediate Postpartum Family Planning webinar.

More information on Dirigeants et gestionnaires: Développer et soutenir les capacités de direction et de gestion des programmes de planification familiale webinaire.

More information on Délégation des tâches en planification familiale : Un guide de planification stratégique webinaire.

More information on Family Planning in Humanitarian Settings: A Strategic Planning Guide Webinar.

More information on Groupe d’engagement communautaire : Changer les normes en vue d’une amélioration de la santé sexuelle et reproductive webinaire.

More information on Task Sharing Family Planning Services to Increase Health Workforce Efficiency and Expand Access: A Strategic Planning Guide webinar.

More information on Planification familiale après avortement : Une composante essentielle des soins après avortement webinaire.