Production and Dissemination Team


The HIP Production and Dissemination (P&D) Team includes representatives from USAID, the Knowledge SUCCESS project, the IBP Network, and FP2020.

Scope of Work:

The Team’s purpose is to provide strategic leadership on the production and dissemination of HIPs at global, regional, and national levels.

The HIP P&D Team is responsible for:

  • Producing and publishing new and updated HIP briefs and guides;
  • Disseminating new/updated HIP briefs and guides via multiple channels;
  • Coordinating the translation of HIP briefs and guides into French, Portuguese, and Spanish;
  • Strategically planning for HIP representation at global and regional conferences by proactively getting HIPs on the agenda as appropriate and/or coordinating delivery of physical copies of HIP materials;
  • Developing and maintaining external communications including the HIP website;  
  • Creating mechanisms to obtain feedback from HIP audiences with particular focus on country-level decision makers to inform HIP material development to better meet their needs;
  • Tracking progress and identifying solutions to challenges in dissemination; and
  • Reporting progress and results at HIP TAG and Partner meetings.


Team members are supported by their organization. No additional compensation is provided.